Gallery of Work

Welcome to Bos Art Studio Gallery of Work

  • Here you will find a collection of mostly abstract images entitled “Surreal Sojourns for the Soul”.
  • Each image radiates a specific healing vibration.
  • Moving the cursor over an image reveals the specific vibration in white lettering.
  • By clicking an image, you can reach the title of the piece and the purchase options available.

If you would like to read more about vibrational healing, please visit my FAQ.

Affordable, large fine art reproductions of a select group of images are available for purchase. Key rings, magnets and mouse pads are also included as purchase options.  Contact me via text or email if you would like to place a custom order.

  • Meditation Card Sets are also available.  
  • These include smaller reproductions of all 40 images in the Gallery as well as spiritual guidance for each of the images.
  • Both sides of a sample card are shown below.

IMG_3554 (2)

A sample card for you to view.

IMG_3555 (2)

The accompanying spiritual guidance for this sample card (printed on back).