How can these images help my soul’s journey?

Vibrational healing for the soul includes any type of energetic approach which helps humans remove blockages that may be impeding their spiritual growth. Examples of such energetic approaches include the use of homeopathy, music therapy, color therapy, the placement of gemstone crystals on or around the body, and prayer. With the photographs presented here, the use of imagery is now added to this list.

The techniques available to me as a certified energy healer allow me to assess which of my creations are radiating energy that can be used to aid spiritual growth. Out of the 50 images I created in my studio in 2014, I determined that 25 carry a useful vibration. As of July, 2015, I have completed this collection called “Surreal Sojourns for the Soul”. It contains a total of 40 manipulated photographs.

The viewer will resonate with certain of these works. By moving the cursor over the image, the vibration being radiated will be revealed. It is my intention that gazing upon these images will indeed help the observer regain balance and aid the journey of their soul. This can be accomplished during meditation, therapy sessions, women’s group meetings, healthcare sessions, or tarot and intuitive readings. Simply pick a card from the deck when the time is right (daily, monthly, seasonally).  Read the spiritual message and allow the words and emanations to fill your soul.  Journal what happens as a result. Watch your progress as wholeness unfolds.

When did you purchase your iPhone?

  • iPhone 4s December 2013
  • iPhone 5s February 2016
  • iPhone 7 July 2017

What other forms of art are made in your studio?

  • During 2014,  I also created two collages using my iPhoneography prints.
  • In 2016, thirty blended iPhone images were created to help heal the subconscious mind.  See the May 10, 2016 news post for more details.
  • At the start of 2017,  I announced a new portfolio of 40 iPhone images entitled “Surreal Reflections 1”.   See the January 2017 news post for details.  These photographs were posted on Instagram.
  • In winter 2017, “Surreal Reflections 2” was completed.  30 images were created with a new iPhone app that allows photographs to be transformed in dozens of different ways.  It was released in 2017 as a music video.  See my Facebook Bos Art page.
  • In spring 2017, I designed over a dozen apparel and fashion pieces using transformed images from “Surreal Reflections 3” and “Surreal Perfection”. They were available for purchase online at shopvida.com.  Type Bos Art Studio in their search box to view the current collection.
  • Numerous music videos (YouTube) were created in 2017, using transformed original photographs.  They are being released on my Facebook Bos Art page.
  • Watch the news posts, Instagram and Pinterest for more of my 2017 iPhoneography.

How can I be notified when new blog information is added to this website?

Simply go to the news page, fill in your name and email address and hit the submit button.  You will join the list of subscribers and automatically be notified when any changes are made!

Why did you choose the name Bos Art?

Bos is my original Dutch family name.  It was changed to Boss when my ancestors arrived at Ellis Island in the early 1900s.  Interestingly, the English translation for bos is woods or forest.