The Big Picture

Now that I have completed my set of 40 healing images entitled “Surreal Sojourns for the Soul”, I feel compelled to explain just how this entire project got started and the steps I took to finalize it.  It’s a long story.

As you may have read in my biography, I spent most of my younger years studying science and either working as a research scientist, an Oriental Medicine doctor, a dean or a professor.  All along this pathway, however, I found great joy in photography and art and continued to pursue my artistic development as much as time would allow.  This included night classes at UC Berkeley and the Oakland Adult Education Center (drawing, painting, printing and paper making).  My best photographs became art cards that I gave away on a regular basis.  I really hit my artistic stride when I was privileged to learn experimental watercolor techniques with Maxine Masterfield in Sarasota, Florida.  I continued to be inspired by another talented abstract artist, Jo Simpson, when I moved to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in 1999.  My watercolors were exhibited for several months in a Post Falls (Idaho) gallery during this time in the Northwest.

 My Scallop Series My work flanks the glass.Post Falls Art Reception

But healing work always took precedence over art work.  Why?  I felt driven to help people from a very early age.  And I seemed to excel in school, so there were no perceived barriers to doing postgraduate work.  By the age of 27, thanks to friends who lead the way, I realized I had the ability to channel healing energy through my hands!  Fifteen years later, while attempting to do meaningful research in a biotech company (a for-profit setting), I became disillusioned with science in general and searched for other avenues in which to perform my healing work.  Eventually, I became an acupuncturist/herbalist and found a huge amount of satisfaction in creating “sacred space” around my patients on a daily basis.  

When I came back to Florida to take care of my father, I also assumed the role of dean, and then professor.  I wrote two books, started manipulating my photographs (digital, by then) for one of the books, and purchased art from another abstract artist, Michael E. Miller, for the other book.  Interestingly, I continued to get prompted from God (our Universal Source) that there was healing work to be accomplished.  I did my best to comply, but now using just my hands or prayer (no needles).

Finally, retirement opened the doors wide for artistic endeavors to resume. I assumed I could just do art, for once in my life.  Or, so I thought. The surprising gift this time around was the purchase of my first iphone in Dec 2013.  I had been using digital cameras for many years already, but the apps available on the iphone opened up a whole new world of artisitic exploration to me.  I owe Shirley Drevich a huge debt of gratitude for briefly explaining these apps to me in February 2014.  I immediately bought a book on iPhoneography and jumped into the possibilities. I reveled in making abstract images full of color and nature themes.  In less than a year’s time, I had created 50 such images.  And then it happened- I realized that there was something very different about half of these creations.  They were giving off healing energy!!  You can’t imagine my surprise…

This meant I had to share these manipulated photographs with the world.  So, Kate Gausche helped me create a website (and continues to guide me).  It took another 8 months to collect enough blended photographs so I could add the additional 15 images to the original collection.  Two months after that I had written the spiritual guides found on the back of each image in the 40-card set.  Other energy workers, metaphysical bookstores and galleries are displaying my work and using my card sets in readings.  I am and always will be an energy healer.

Luckily, I am evolving as an artist.  Reading about surrealism, constantly attending museum/gallery exhibitions, and improving my photography skills have all contributed to this evolution.   Menaul Art workshops are teaching me how to create a successful visual art business.  Stay tuned to see what God has in store for me next.

 September, 2015