Bos Art Studio creates surreal and abstract iPhone images that can be utilized for healing, reflection, enjoyment or your wardrobe.


  • “Surreal Sojourns for the Soul”
    Each blended image radiates a particular vibration capable of aiding your soul’s journey.  Take a minute to view the gallery of 40 photographs and see how they make you feel!
  • “Surreal Sojourns for the Subconscious”
    These blended photographic images are coupled with belief-change statements and music to help heal your subconscious mind.  Scroll down after clicking NEWS to visit the May 10, 2016 post.  Here you will find a free 16-minute slide show.


  • “Surreal Reflections 1”  
    Original photographs of reflections.  Use them for enjoyment or as a way to reflect upon your own past, present and future.  These images have been released into my Instagram account.  Click the Instagram logo in the leader bar to be connected to this portfolio.
  • “Surreal Reflections 2”                                                                                                                                                                                     30 transformed iPhone images which are meant to represent opportunities for reflection.  This collection was released June 1, 2017.  See my news post or my FB page (for the video).
  • Numerous other surreal portfolios have been created using transformed original photographs.  They are for your enjoyment and will be released once a month starting May 4, 2017 (for the next year) as music videos.  See my Facebook Bos Art page for the release of these videos or a news post to view the images.


  • Recently transformed images in two finished portfolios titled “Surreal Reflections 3” and “Surreal Perfection” are being utilized in fashion and apparel products.  VIDA is a Google Ventures backed fashion eCommerce platform for artists.  They donate part of every sale to fund literacy programs for the workers who manufacture these products.  The company has been featured in numerous publications from the Wall Street Journal to Fashionista.  I have designed more than a dozen pieces for my VIDA Spring Collection (pillows, tops, tees, tapestries, totes, clutch, a scarf and a sheer wrap).  Visit to view this work, or connect with my Bos Art Facebook Page (link in leader bar) to see samples of these products.

BosArt Studio

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